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Wheaton Terrier Dog Of The Month - Tegan!We are proud to announce our Wheaton Terrier dog of the month – Tegan! She has earned the distinct honor of having been our first boarding customer!

Tegan is a 1 year, 4 month old Wheaton Terrier that loves to play ball and has incredible jumping skills! When Tegan gets picked up at night she usually jumps up and kisses her parents on the face – it’s what they call the Wheaton Greetin’!

Tegan’s family lives nearby, so even on the days when she’s not here playing with her Canine Retreat friends, Tegan can be seen following her dad as he cruises by on his skateboard. Tegan usually comes a few times a week and enjoys a bath with us about every other week. She is a sweet dog that loves to play ball and run with her friends. We love Tegan and are so happy to have the pleasure of her company!

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