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Canine Retreat vaccine requirements

Pet vaccinations can be a very controversial topic. In general, it’s true that there isn’t necessarily a one size fits all approach regarding vaccinating pets. In addition to age, background and medical history, other lifestyle questions can be asked such as: Is this an indoor/outdoor pet? With what frequency does this pet come into contact with other animals? Does this pet board, and if so, in what type of facility?

While most boarding facilities simply copy the vaccine requirements of other facilities, Canine Retreat has done its research and would like to share with you our vaccine guidelines and reasoning behind our vaccine requirements. We require that dogs staying with us at Canine Retreat, whether for daycare or boarding, be vaccinated for Rabies (1 or 3 year), DHPP (1 or 3 year) and Bordatella (every 1 year). We also require regular flea prevention (but that is an issue for another blog article). We would like to quickly sum up our reasoning for these vaccine requirements.

First, Rabies – this vaccination is required by California state law and is nearly always fatal when transmitted to humans. Enough said.  Second, DHPP – We believe the risks of contracting the four diseases protected by this vaccine far outweigh any benefits one could find for not immunizing. For example, if a puppy gets Parvo Virus, chances are extremely high it will die. Do you really want to risk that? Third, Bordatella – Although getting kennel cough is most like getting a cold and in most dogs this is not life threatening, kennel cough is highly contagious and simply by attending a daycare or boarding facility your dog has a greater chance of coming into contact with it. While many boarding facilities require this vaccine every six months we believe this to be over vaccinating and only require this vaccine to be administered annually. Scientific studies have shown the effectiveness for this vaccine lasts for one year. Additionally, UC Davis which is traditionally ranked as one of the top vet schools in the country, has published guidelines for proper vaccinations. The above guidelines also conform to what they published in their Small Animal Internal Medicine section regarding proper vaccination protocols for dogs. Please feel free to read this publication at the following link: http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/vmth/small_animal/internal_medicine/newsletters/vaccination_protocols.cfm.

Recent medical research has shown that animal vaccines are proving to be more effective in providing excellent immunity for longer periods of time. While the veterinary establishment typically believes vaccines are necessary, there are some people who believe we are over-vaccinating our pets potentially causing hyper active immune systems and even autoimmune disorders.

Where do we at Canine Retreat land in this spectrum of beliefs? It can be safely said that we are somewhere in the middle. We believe many factors go into the strength of the immune systems of our beloved pets. Some of these factors include vaccinations, nutrition, activity levels, and stress levels. At Canine Retreat, we focus most on the factors that we can control.

We believe in promoting a proper age-specific and balanced diet, however diet is ultimately not our choice, but the pet owner’s choice. The area in which Canine Retreat has the most control is in your pet’s stress levels while in our care. We believe that keeping pet stress levels as low as possible is one way we can make a major contribution to your pet’s health. From the beginning, our facility was designed with the goal of maximizing your pet’s comfort and minimizing your pet’s stress levels. We have experienced attendants trained in canine group dynamics and canine body language with the dogs at all times. If certain dogs aren’t getting along for any reason we separate those dogs from each other. We believe that no dog should ever get picked on or be made to feel uncomfortable. Additionally, since our dog parks are quite large, the dogs have the ability to walk off and be left alone if they need some personal time. This is a major benefit to daycare at Canine Retreat. We also constantly monitor the activity levels of the dogs and separate dogs according to energy levels. This allows the dogs to expend their energy and also to rest when they feel like resting.

We see both sides of the arguments regarding vaccine requirements. We believe that dogs who board and attend daycare are at greater risk of contracting the most prevalent illnesses due to exposure to a large number of dogs. Therefore, we believe dogs in this environment are best served to be fully vaccinated, but not over vaccinated.

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