Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Cat boarding at it’s finest! The Feline Retreat offers luxury cat boarding at affordable prices. Let our cat lovers pamper your cat while you’re away!


During their retreat, cats stay in your choice of a regular or deluxe cat suite. The regular suites offer 4 levels for your cat to explore and have 14 full square feet of living space.

Our deluxe suites are almost 8′ high, have 6 levels for a cat to explore and have a total of 28 square feet of living space. The deluxe suites also feature our unique 4 poster cat beds!

Regular suites accommodate up to 1 cat, while the Deluxe Suites (pictured here) can accommodate up to three small cats .

For an additional fee, cats get to spend some free time roaming the cat room and sitting on their favorite feature – a cat tree perched against large windows facing the outdoors!


Boarding Requirements

4posterAll Boarding cats need to submit a completed registration form and proof of current FVRCP vaccine. We use the following guidelines to determine if a cat is current:

Kittens should receive their first FVRCP vaccination at 6 to 8 weeks of age, followed by three booster shots, one month apart.

Adult cats should receive an FVRCP booster once every one to three years, as per your vet.

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Cat Grooming

The feline retreat offers professional cat grooming in a relaxed atmosphere designed to minimize stress. At the Feline retreat, cats can get a special “shed control” service to remove the loose hair that ends up all over the furniture, or worse, as a hairball on the carpet. Grooming your cat is a great way to reduce shedding and prevent your cat from becoming matted. Clips are also a great way to keep your long or medium hair cats cool in the summer though they can be done year round due to our fantastic weather! We offer two kinds, the Lion Cut and the Kitten Clip. A standard bath with Lion cut would run $75, but we recommend you speak with our groomer for more accurate pricing. As cats get older, many of them don’t groom themselves as well as they used to. Let our professional cat groomers come to the rescue and freshen up your lovely cat!