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Canine Retreat’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog of the Month: Ernie

Rhodesian Ridgeback ErnieMeet Ernie. He is such a beautiful boy! And he’s lucky to be with us! When Ernie was a puppy he contracted Parvo….and survived. Lucky in life and lucky in love. He lives with a beautiful family that loves him and he has an older ‘brother’ named Murray who is 14 years old and who also regularly enjoys the Canine Retreat dog parks!

Ernie is a wonderful dog and a pleasure to be around. He might be the sweetest Rhodesian we ever met! However, when Ernie first came to Canine Retreat he was a little fearful. He wasn’t very trusting of us to get him and put his leash on to bring him up front to his parents. We surmise this may be leftover from the time he had to spend isolated due to the Parvo Virus. Well, those days are long behind us now! Ernie has grown into a beautifully adjusted dog and is an absolute pleasure to be around.

We love having Ernie here at Canine Retreat. All of us feel very fortunate to work with such amazing animals. Hearing about improvements in dog’s dispositions make us feel even more fulfilled!


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