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Groomed Wheaton Terrier

Meet WenDee our Palos Verdes Dog Grooming Expert!

You will absolutely love getting your dog groomed at Canine Retreat! Whether you are coming from Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Rolling Hils, Rolling Hills Estates, Torrance, San Pedro, or the South Bay of LA our dog groomer will make your dog look and feel like royalty. Our clients always look forward to their dog grooming appointments with WenDee because she is absolutely fantastic! We can’t wait for you to try her out yourself!

WenDee has over 20 years of experience in pet and show grooming. As a dog groomer, she has trained under some of the best dog groomers and has traveled all over the country showing dogs. She has even championed over 23 dogs in the areas of confirmation and obedience!

WenDee has been around dogs her whole life. Growing up, her family owned Rocky Willow Kennels in her hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. As a family they were involved in competitive dog grooming and showing dogs ranging from Toy Poodles to Great Danes. She currently lives in Long Beach along with her three children, her cat and her Standard Poodle.
Her dog Solo is a certified therapy dog who works with autistic children. He is trained to help kids who are terrified of dogs to get over their fears. He spends his days in the dog parks at Canine Retreat while Wendy is dog grooming and among the many incredible things solo can do, he is trained to smile on command which is just so darn cute!!
Before and after pics of Solo being groomed:
Poodle Before Grooming
Poodle after grooming
To see additional pics of the work from our Palos Verdes Dog Grooming expert, click here to see our Facebook page!
Whether you are coming from Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Rolling Hils, Rolling Hills Estates, Torrance or San Pedro, our Palos Verdes dog grooming expert will make your dog look and feel like royalty!

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  1. Tamara says:

    WenDee is AMAZING!! It was like magic happened from the time I dropped Lucy off to the time I picked her up. Lucy went from UGH to WOWWWWW!!! WenDee was done faster than I expected too. I can’t say enough about how talented WenDee is & how loving she is towards the “babies”. From now on I will go to WenDee and no one else…, and you should too!!!

    • Tina McPhee says:

      WenDee is a great dog groomer! Ive been so happy with the grooming and bathing for my dog Ned. In the past with groomers, they do what they want.
      WenDee is different, she listens to you, the owner.Then does her magic.
      She is so personable and loving towards your dog. I just want to use WenDee for grooming in the future!!

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