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IMAG3028We are proud to announce our first sister team of the month – Lady and Missy. You probably recognize these two chihuahua terrier mixes from the videos because they have been boarding with us for an extended period of time. Lady is all white and Missy is mostly white with Brown spots on her ears and body. They are both very cute and friendly. Their two most favorite pastimes at Canine Retreat are taking a nap in the sun and playing with towels fresh from the dryer (it’s so cute to see them play with the towels!).

Lady1Lady and Missy have been doing really well and although they miss their mom dearly (who is assisting her own mother on the other side of the country) they have been keeping a positive attitude, making new friends,  enjoying numerous outdoor walks that the staff has taken them on and enjoying their fresh hot towels after getting baths (and sometimes we give them towels out of the dryer just to see the how much they enjoy this).


Along with tons of love from the staff, they regularly receive pro-biotic and yeast defense supplements with their food which we believe has also helped keep them healthy and strong. They will be leaving us in August and then it will be our turn to miss them dearly. But for now, we love having them as part of the Canine Retreat family. Their mom couldn’t have left them in better care while she had to be away. Lady and Missy – we love you guys!

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  1. Lady and Missy really are quite cute! I’m glad to hear that they are having fun and playing even though they must miss their Mom terribly.

  2. They are so super cute! I hope they are happily back home with Mom now :)

    • Yes, they are back at home with their mom and happy as ever! They remained well adjusted and happy. In fact, they just returned to board with us over the Thanksgiving Holiday and they were very happy to be back. We are very proud of the care we provided these two super cute dogs!

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