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KnK1Canine Retreat’s Dogs of the Month: Kira and Kobe

Meet Kira and Kobe. They are both German Shepherds just shy of 7 years old. They have been boarding with us since the middle of November due to a house fire! Apparently, there was an electrical fire when the parents weren’t home. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the dogs were saved! We feel very fortunate to be able to help out in such a difficult situation.

Kira and Kobe are very intelligent and friendly dogs. We love having them here at Canine Retreat as they make our jobs much easier. We call Koby ‘the Sherrif’ and Kira ‘the Deputy’. As you can imagine, maintaining a large pack of dogs can be a daunting task at times, but with guidance from our loving attendants and help from our Sherrif and Deputy everything has been allright! We try to maintain a fun but relaxed environment here at Canine Retreat. When play starts to get out of hand, which can happen quickly, Kira (our Deputy) might be the first on the scene to let the dogs know they are starting to misbehave. If that doesn’t work, the Sheriff is sure to follow up. Often times, that is enough to get the dogs back in line and our attendants don’t even have to step in. These two are very smart and it’s really fun to watch them do their ‘job’.

Kira and Kobe are great dogs with loyal and laid-back temperaments. We feel very fortunate to have their company here and love having them as part of the Canine Retreat family!

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