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Napoleon is a 5 year old pug who you will see at Canine Retreat on most Wednesdays.  Napoleon was adopted about a year ago from a rescue group called Pug Nation which rescues neglected, abused, and unwanted pugs.  Napoleon’s name suits him perfectly!  It’s a big name for a small guy with a lot to say! He has an amazing personality and can follow several commands.  He knows sit, stay, lay down, speak, and his owner’s all time favorite, ‘gimme kiss!’



Why is Napoleon this month’s dog of the month? Because everybody loves him, he always comes dressed in the latest fashion and he usually makes quite a statement. He’s also probably the best lookin’ pug you’ll ever see.  You can tell just by looking at him he’s one of the coolest cats (I mean dogs) on the playground. And when the playing gets rough, you can usually spot Napoleon on top of one of our toys surveying the sight below him with his head held up in an air of all-knowing authority. I mean after all, “It’s all FUN and GAMES until SOMEONE ends up in a CONE!”


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  1. M.E.M. says:

    Congrats April! He’s adorable! Hugs, M.E. :)

  2. juli says:

    What is the brand of goggles Napoleon is wearing? I have three fawn pugs, and I would LOVE for them to sport this look–if they like it.

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