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little dogs nappingJanuary 6th, 2014 was this little girl’s first day here at Canine Retreat. At just 5 months old Zoey was the sweetest puppy.  She is our littlest Zoey that comes to Canine Retreat so of course we had to nickname her ‘Little Zoey’.  Our Little Zoey is a black lab puppy, she is now 7 months old and just got spayed.  She’s growing up so quickly, getting much taller & bigger.

Her best friend here at Canine Retreat is Tux, a black lab/ beagle mix. They’re around the same age as each other and just about the same size.  Those two just love each other so much, they run around the park playing tag & wrestling with one another. 

Zoey is also very good at sharing, whether it’s her favorite toy or one of our comfy kuranda beds.  She plays very well with all the other dogs in the park.  When she gets tired, she loves cuddling up with another dog already taking a nap on a bed which is so cute to all of us here! Some of her favorite nap time buddies are Hannah (Cavalier King Charles) & Lulu (French Bulldog).  You can see Zoey in the picture to the right. She is the black lab on the left side of the pooch puddle.

We are so happy to have Little Zoey as part of our family at Canine Retreat and we are excited to watch as she continues to grow!!!

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