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Jack1Canine Retreat’s dogs of the month: Jack.

Canine Retreat is excited to announce Jack as our dog of the month!  Jack is a brown German Pointer that is very sweet and loves to get attention from our staff.

Jack started coming to daycare in September of 2013. He quickly became a familiar face within our family of dogs. When he is dropped off he runs through our front door barking happily & tries to enter every room on the way to the dog park. He is such a curious dog. He looks and acts so much like a puppy, you would never guess he is 10 1/2 years old!

In the park Jack likes to hang out with the staff (read girls), he just loves their attention. What a ladies’ man! When Jack isn’t bouncing around the park you can find him curled up on one the cozy Kuranda beds taking a nice nap, or just watching the other dogs play.

Jack recently had a serious medical scare. There was a blockage in his intestines that was there for almost a year, but he only recently showed obvious signs of discomfort. The staff at Canine Retreat noticed that Jack was not acting like himself & we quickly notified the owner. A few vet visits and one major surgery later and Jack was on his way back to his regular happy & excited self! Everyone at Canine Retreat is so happy to see Jack return to us every day, happy & healthy!

We love having Jack as part of the Canine Retreat family!

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