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HannahCanine Retreat Dog of the Month: Hannah

We are proud to announce Hannah as our dog of the month! Hannah has been with us since August of 2013. She is a beautiful brown and white Cavalier King Charles.  Although she is not one for running around too much, she does enjoy playing with a ball now and then. But, most of all, Hannah is a true cuddle bug!

Hannah and 4


You can find Hannah in most of the small dog video’s we post on Facebook. She is usually walking around or watching the more active little dogs run round & round. We call her ‘Hannah Banana’ or just ‘Banana’, and she is a very good bed sharer! As you can see from the pic on the left, she loves to snuggle up with Lulu, the white Frenchie, and also let the little puppies take their naps with her.

Hannah and Chanel



Hannah can get a bit noisy when she feels she deserves a belly rub (haha!), but she is very obedient and will get her belly rubbin’ reward as soon as she settles down. Everyone here at Canine Retreat loves our little Hannah Banana! It wouldn’t be a day of daycare without her!

Thanks Hannah for being part of our Canine Retreat family and for helping to make our days here so enjoyable! We love you Hannah!

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