Brittany SpanielCanine Retreat’s Brittany Spaniel Dog of the Month: Shelby

Meet Shelby. She is an incredibly sweet dog and she is very happy these days because, guess what….. her parents just got married!! Yay! We are so happy for them and for Shelby whose family unit has just grown to include one more dog loving, two legged, homo sapien! Congrats to all of you!!

Shelby is a Brittany Spaniel with the sweetest temperament. She is very playful and very smart. Shelby is happy to play with any dog here at Canine Retreat whether little or big. She also loves to take naps under the bridges and tunnels. If we don’t see her in between rounds of chase with the other dogs, we know to look for her curled up under the play equipment. We just find that soooo cute!

The Brittany Spaniel was originally bred as a hunting dog and is generally known for being easy to train as well as for their sweet nature. If you know anyone looking to add a new four legged member to a family, definitely think of a Brittany Spaniel. They make great family pets, are generally healthy, easy to care for and are loyal to their owners.

Shelby is a great dog with a fun loving and playful temperament. We feel very fortunate to have her company here and we love having her as part of the Canine Retreat family!

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